Designing a multilingual web site

From: Munzir Taha (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 16:08:30 EDT

>>The updates on the Unicode site are being done for all new pages and for
>>rest as they have time.

Why it needs time? Why is it more than just replacing windows-1252 with

>>If it were for not for #2 and the fact that most of my localizers give me
>>encoded pages that use their own preferences, I would have all my pages as
>>UTF-8, too.

I can't understand the point. Sorry for that but I am not an English native
speaker, especially if there is a misspelled word ;-)

>>I work almost exclusively in HTML view and occasionally *Preview* (u mean
normal) view. But in >>doing this I not only have support for display
languages like Arabic, but typing them as well

But even in HTML view I can't type arabic in the banner text since they are
saved in different place.

>>UCS-2, also known as UTF-16le, Unicode (Big Endian) is UTF-16be... the
same as UTF-16lb

Do you really mean these three variations. and what le and be stands for? I
have tried to save an arabic document in utf-8, unicode, unicode (big
endian) and all of them saves correctly! What this means?

>>When I recieve a message in arabic in Outlook, I can change the encoding
to Arabic (Windows) to view it correctly. But still the subject is wrong.
How can I view it correctly.
Thanx again and again and again for the good help you give us.

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