Decimal separator

From: Bob Hallissy (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 07:16:32 EDT

       On Fri, July 14, 2000, N.R.Liwal wrote:

> In my fonts for Pashto, Farsi and Urdu, the Decimal Separator
        and thousnad sparator are:
> Decimal Separator ="\x060c"
> Thousand Separator ="\x066c"
> Infact the above was standardized in Afghanistan and
       Pakistan, while using the Hindi Numbering system.

       I'm not sure whether you are saying that

       1) Users need to use U+060C for a decimal separator in their
       document files, or
       2) The shape you see at U+060C in your fonts is the one you
       want for decimal separator.

       If you mean (1), then I think users will not always see the
       text correctly rendered. The Unicode bidi properties of U+060C
       and U+066B are different:

       060C;ARABIC COMMA;Po;0;CS;;;;;N;;;;;
       066B;ARABIC DECIMAL SEPARATOR;Po;0;AN;;;;;N;;;;;

       and I would expect use of U+060C as a decimal separator to
       cause surprises with the bidi layout code.

       Why not encode documents with U+066B for the decimal separator,
       and then develop fonts that have the culturally correct glyph
       in that spot?

       Bob Hallissy

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