Re: APL letters

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 12:17:41 EDT

Frank da Cruz wrote:
> The character set used by APL programming language includes special forms
> of the uppercase Latin letters A-Z, usually italized and/or underlined.

TUS3.0, pp. 302-03:

# APL (A Programming Language) makes extensive use of functional symbols
# constructed by composition with other, more primitive functional symbols.
# It made extensive use of backspace and overstrike mechanisms in early
# computer implementations. In principle, functional composition [typographical,
# not mathematical!] is productive in APL; in practice, however, a small
# number of composed functional symbols have become [used as] standard
# operators in APL. This relatively small set is encoded in [its] entirety
# [at U+2300-U+23FF]. All other APL symbols can be encoded by composition
# of other Unicode characters. For example, the APL symbol _a underbar_
# can be represented by U+0061 plus U+0332 COMBINING LOW LINE.


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