Re: Separate list for Arabic Extended discussions?

Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 12:20:27 EDT

On 07/17/2000 06:39:52 AM <> wrote:

>I would vote that UNICODE, host mailing lists
>on Script level, becuase, issues discussed of CJK
>are not much related to Roman and Arabic.

I liked the recent suggestion of adding tags like "[CJK]" (or "(CJK)") to
the subject. In general, ISO 15924 tags could be used, but reasonably
obvious alternatives should also be acceptable (e.g. CJK, or Romn instead
of Latn). Other subject tags for topics other than scripts could be used,
e.g. (bidi), (conv) (= "encoding conversion"), (cdpg) or whatever seems to
fit. I don't think a specific list of tags is needed; just something that
provides a general clue. And if no short tag would be obvious, then you
just don't bother with one.

A recent thread had subject lines beginning with "OT:" (indicating
"off-topic"). I like the use of square brackets, but a recent observation
was made that these won't work for all. Perhaps this colon convention, e.g.
"CJK:", would be another good way to do this.

Of course, these conventions can't be enforced on the list; it can only be
voluntary. So, those that think it's a good idea, just start doing it. If
it proves to be helpful, others will probably follow suit.

- Peter

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