Separate list for Arabic Extended discussions?

From: Bob Hallissy (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 06:30:26 EDT

>The good Idea will be if UNICODE provide us a Separete list
>Called "Arabic & Extended Languages" or I can host one, if
>anyone is interested let me know by email to

       As a reader of the Unicode list, I would like to encourage you
       to keep this topic on this list rather than move to a separate
       list. First of all I do not think that the traffic to-date on
       this topic is too much for the list to handle. Second of all,
       developers everywhere who are implementing Unicode based
       solutions need to be made aware of these issues -- if you move
       the discussion to a separate list then you loose the
       visibility/publicity that being on this list provides. Finally,
       there is both wisdom and historical knowledge available within
       this list's membership that can be brought to bear on solving
       these problems.

       Bob Hallissy

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