RE: Separate list for Arabic Extended discussions?

Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 11:56:14 EDT

N.R.Liwal wrote:
> I would vote that UNICODE, host mailing lists
> on Script level, becuase, issues discussed of CJK
> are not much related to Roman and Arabic.
> If there are several lists like:
> Arabic...
> ect.
> If one wish to participate in all that should be an option.
> but still if all are happy to stay togeather I am too.

You could do it on your own: just start a new mailing list somewhere else,
then subscribe it to as a post-only member. You can do
such a thing by sending an email like this:

        SUBJECT: subscribe
        subscribe unicode
        disable unicode

Where "" is your hypothetical new list, and "disable"
tells the Unicode server not to send messages to your

What should happen, is that members will see all posts
to the, but members will not see
other messages.

Some drawbacks are:

1) members won't even see replies to their own message
from, unless you allow non-members to post on the your
list (but this exposes you to spam), and members bother
to CC the when talking about Arabic script.

2) People joining both mailing lists may receive double messages.

3) You miss Arabic-related discussion on, unless someone
bothers to forward them to

4) And other problems that only Sarasvati can anticipate...

_ Marco

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