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From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 15:00:52 EDT

One interesting possibility for representing the APL italic characters would
be to use the math italic alphabet in plane 1. The motivation for their use
in APL is similar to that for the math case: the characters are separate
symbols, e.g., they don't get grouped into natural language words. In fact,
they typically represent math variables, so using the same notation is
natural as well as helpful if you want to write an APL program to study a
mathematical expression.


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> Sorry for not remembering the outcome of previous discussions on this...
> The character set used by APL programming language includes special forms
> of the uppercase Latin letters A-Z, usually italized and/or underlined.
> In an APL program, one might also need to include regular uppercase Latin
> letters A-Z, e.g. in character strings.
> I don't remember APL well enough to recall whether this is an important
> distinction or simply a matter of style. If it's a significant
> distinction,
> what the Unicode position on how to maintain it in a APL program written
> in Unicode 3.0? If the answer is that there is no distinction, will this
> change because of STIX?
> Thanks!
> - Frank

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