Re: Splitting lists

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 16:52:16 EDT

Darling Unicadettes,

Some of you wrote to me...

> How about a news server with these categories?


> I would like to receive 1 mail
> per day with all the information exchanges in it

When last this thread of separation wound its way
through the list, someone set up two relays that might
be of interest to people who wish to receive daily
digests or view running archives. The relays are:

Sarasvati provides only a real-time streaming service
with no frills, no advertisements, no job postings,
and only occasional raw data dumps to an archive. If you
need anything more delayed, bowdlerized, digested,
compressed, cross-indexed, shamelessly advertised,
or shockingly censored... there you may find the
vice of your dreams.

Cheery regards from your,
        -- Sarasvati

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