Re: Depends on the language

From: John Cowan (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 10:27:11 EDT wrote:

> In English, it's ['junIkowd]. Think "unicycle" or
> "unilateral" or "universal". And the "code" part
> is the root word "code".

Quod dixit, dixit.

> As for "unique", well, why doesn't "one" rhyme with
> "stone", "bone", and "alone"?

Because some people thought it was clever to adopt a nonce pronunciation
of "one" /Own/, namely /wVn/, and it stuck. A similar process has
given us the expression "That's the ticket", originally "That's etiquette"
with a jocular mispronunciation of "etiquette" as /@'tIk@t/ instead
of the normal /'EtIkEt/.

> I wonder what our fine lady friend (she knows exactly
> who she is) has to say about this?

Her Radiant Effulgency is in general tolerant of side conversations,
unless they lead to a high rate of subscribers fleeing the list.


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