RE: Unicode FAQ addendum

Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 09:48:04 EDT

1) The UTF whose bits can be counted is not the eternal UTF.
   The encoding that is not in UTR-17 is not a compliant encoding.
   UCS-2 is the origin of the BMP.
   UTF-16 is the origin of 1,048,576 more code points.
   Therefore, constantly use UTF-8 and you'll see the mystery on your mail
   Constantly use UTF-7 and you'll see it also in your message body.
   Those two are the same, if you stick to the BMP --
   And don't consider endianness --
   Their sameness is what people think of as Unicode.
   The encoding of all encodings.
   The door to all scripts, or a high percentage of them.
   Deal with it.

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