Re: Unicode in VFAT file system

Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 09:41:22 EDT

On 07/21/2000 04:58:15 AM <> wrote:

>If UCS-2LE is a *standard* encoding (and it is in fact mentioned in
>how does VFAT directories qualify as a "higher level protocol"?

It is, essentially, a closed system that can apply proprietary conventions
to how it chooses to represent information. If it wanted, it could take
UTF-16 codes and rearrange the nibbles in the order 3 1 0 2, and it could
still be conformant. All that matters for conformance is that it do the
right thing when it transmits or receives textual data: among other things,
it needs to use an approved encoding form/scheme.

- Peter

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