Re: Cimarosti's FAQ Tao

From: Jon Babcock (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 14:32:18 EDT

> Would anyone like to please translate that into Chinese for the
benefit of future generations?

> Rick

>> 1) The UTF whose bits can be counted is not the eternal UTF.

How about ...

UTF ke3 shu3 fei1 chang2 UTF.

But this leaves the "bits" out which anyway appears to me to be a
commentator's gloss. Back translation a la P. A. Boodberg: "UTF
count-brooking : no forewonted UTF."

Or, in plainer English: "The UTF that permits counting is not the
common UTF."

To quote Boodberg:

"'Chang2' [U+5e38], 'constant', 'regular', 'common', 'ordinary', 'persistent',
'conventional', 'enduring', never meant 'eternal' or 'absolute' in our
sense, as wrongly used by so many translators of the first couplet of
the Lao Tzu."

I needed that!


Jon Babcock <>

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