Display Persian characters under Linux

From: Darya Said-Akbari (akbari@ascom-ac.de)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 07:32:13 EDT


this is my firts email to the Unicode email list. There is a lot I want
to learn from you all. So even if my questions are sometimes stupid,
nevertheless I like to read your answer on all issues.

My goal turning my interest on Unicode is to get Persian letters on my
Monitor and into a database lets say in Oracle8i.
The operating system will be Linux. So, what I have done until now is to
buy the Unicode Standard 3.0. But that is not enough and therefore I
need your help.

What steps do I have to do to get my dream real. Yes, I have several
character sets on my machine but they are all european one. And honestly
I am a little bit afraid to touch them, since I dont know the different
between a character set and unicode.

Reading the first pages of the book, makes me more confuse. There is
something talken about rendering. It seems when I use the ARABIC letters
I have to concern on rendering.

Is there anybody who can give me a quickstart to get rid of confusing
charsets, unicode, rendering etc.? I know I have to put more time on
this issue and I am prepared for this. But a little success would really
motivate me.

best regards
Darya Said-Akbari

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