RE: Japanese && US application II

Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 13:07:20 EDT

Pierre Vaures wrote:
> Remark: the MS Mincho font is not working properly.

What happens exactly with it? I never found particular problems with this
font. Rather the other way round: I have seen many applications having
problems with Arial Unicode.

Of course, Mincho has less glyphs; but the extra ones in Arial Unicode are
probably not needed for Japanese.

Moreover, I think that Mincho is much more "Japanese-looking" than Arial U.,
and this seems a thing to which Japanese are *very* *very* sensible!

You could consider showing the application to Japanese individuals (but not
your customer, yet!), and paying attention if they have reactions like "It
looks like Chinese"; "It doesn't look very Japanese"; "What's this funny
character? O, yes I see now".

_ Marco

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