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Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 11:27:37 EDT

I wish Manuel had mentioned which 3rd-party products he had in mind (I'm
always interested in knowing what's out there). But, a new version of
Tavultesoft Keyboard Manager (aka Keyman) is being developed, and I
understand it should be available by the end of the year.

The new version is supposed to do Unicode (though, obviously, not
necessarily on Win9x/Me). Keyman makes it very easy to create your own
keyboard layouts, and also allows you to do some fairly sophisticated
things - it was originally designed to be able to handle generating
presentation-form-encoded text using custom encodings of complex SE Asian
scripts. So, for example, you could use it to create an input method for a
large character set, such as Ethiopic. (But it doesn't yet do input method
*editors*, i.e. something that handles an intermediate state of text in a
separate editing mini-Window, so it's not really suited to *very large*
character sets, such as CJK.) You could probably also use it to ensure that
the input text is canonically ordered or even in a particular normal form.

Tavultesoft's site is at

- Peter

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>Anyone knows about such a utility?
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>A side comment:
>I'm surprised that NT and Windows 2000, and every other Unicode OS, is
>missing a
>Unicode keyboard editor utility (and a utility to display keyboard
>Unicode values). There are only a couple of 3rd-party products and
>not that
>good, and this is actually a much easier program to write than word
>processing (which
>already exists).
>Keep up the good work,
>Manuel Lopez

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