Re: Making Unicode characters

Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 11:15:17 EDT

>How do I make U+5973, for instance? I want to make
>it so I can see it on the screen. I want to do that
>without cheating by e.g. using Paint.

What do you mean my "make"? Invent it? Already done. Create a font with an
appropriate glyph? Go buy Fontographer, FontLab or RoboFog. Get it into
your document? Well, there's lots of ways to skin that cat, one of them
being to fire up you're favourite programming tool, bone up on the
appropriate DDK, and write a keyboard driver. Or stay tuned for something
like Keyman 5 from Tavultesoft.

>Magda, if you're in programming, make it (the keyboard
>utility) yourself.

Why are we picking on Magda?

- Peter

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