Re: Making Unicode characters

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 11:55:59 EDT

If you just want one or two characters, I have a chart webpage on my site
( You type in the code number and ENTER, and it presents a
chart of 128 characters, with that character in green. Copy and paste, and here
it is.

[Visible if your mailer handles UTF-8]

Mark wrote:

> >How do I make U+5973, for instance? I want to make
> >it so I can see it on the screen. I want to do that
> >without cheating by e.g. using Paint.
> What do you mean my "make"? Invent it? Already done. Create a font with an
> appropriate glyph? Go buy Fontographer, FontLab or RoboFog. Get it into
> your document? Well, there's lots of ways to skin that cat, one of them
> being to fire up you're favourite programming tool, bone up on the
> appropriate DDK, and write a keyboard driver. Or stay tuned for something
> like Keyman 5 from Tavultesoft.
> >Magda, if you're in programming, make it (the keyboard
> >utility) yourself.
> Why are we picking on Magda?
> - Peter
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