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> From "News of the Wierd"
> In 1999, James Weber of Calgary, Alberta, paid his tax bill
> (equivalent to about $75,000 U.S.) dollar-for-dollar with Colombian
> pesos (worth about $50 U.S.), arguing that the Canada Customs and
> Revenue Agency failed to print its dollar signs with two bars through
> the ``S.'' A dollar sign with only one bar through the S, he said, is
> used only by several South American currencies, and thus he is now
> paid in full. (In March 2000, an appeals court ruled against him,
> despite his having produced several favorable historical banking
> documents from as far back as 1910.)
        [Hohberger, Clive] But there is another story there, too.

        As a amateur numismatist myself, I believe that the 2-line "$' issue

        here comes from the fact that in the mid-1800s there was a US coin
        which had a stylized narrow "U" overprinted on an "S" as a "US"
        Over the years it became a 2-line "$" which is rarley, if ever used
        outside the US


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