What a difference a glyph makes...

From: Mark Davis (markdavis@ispchannel.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 12:13:49 EDT

From "News of the Wierd"

In 1999, James Weber of Calgary, Alberta, paid his tax bill
(equivalent to about $75,000 U.S.) dollar-for-dollar with Colombian
pesos (worth about $50 U.S.), arguing that the Canada Customs and
Revenue Agency failed to print its dollar signs with two bars through
the ``S.'' A dollar sign with only one bar through the S, he said, is
used only by several South American currencies, and thus he is now
paid in full. (In March 2000, an appeals court ruled against him,
despite his having produced several favorable historical banking
documents from as far back as 1910.)

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