RE: What a difference a glyph makes...

From: Alistair Vining (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 14:45:34 EDT wrote:
> Notice to British and Irish Unicoders:
> U+00A3 (POUND SIGN) is a cursive "L" with *one* bar
> through it (cmp.
> U+20A4 (LIRA SIGN) is a cursive "L" with *two* bars
> through it (cmp.
> Please, watch out carefully your next tax form, and remember
> who posted this.

I assume you're joking here (the internet irony firewall is still up). An L
with two bars is an acceptable glyph for UK pounds as well. They're both
the same (libra) sign. Or are you saying that an L with one bar would be
(completely) unacceptable for (Italian) lire?

Have people started writing the Euro with only one bar yet? The issue is,
after all, rapidly disappearing for the Irish and Italians.


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