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Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 10:51:47 EDT

Hello Ziaur Rahman

Khando-ta does need special attention, including it in the standard would
make encoding it much easier.
For those that don't know, khanda-ta is a special form of ta that is used
when ta has its inherent vowel suppressed. i.e. It is equivalent to 'ta
virama'. It often occurs when final in a word, and also medial but never

Ta with a visible virama does not occur in any Bangladeshi word, 'khanda-ta'
or plain 'ta' are always used in its place. However, 'Ta virama' may be
needed in educational texts and possibly in some foreign words

In the absence of khanda-ta being included in the standard, the following
rendering rules will need to be observed for the Bangla script

There are cases in Indic scripts where the Unicode standard states that a
'explicit virama' character should be displayed. In such cases, if the base
consonant is 'Bengali Letter Ta', Khanda-ta needs to be rendered instead of
the expected 'ta_virama' i.e.
Ta virama when final, is rendered as khanda-ta, and
Ta virama ZWNJ is rendered as khanda-ta
In other words khanda-ta is to be considered the explicit virama form of ta

The standard states that when a sequence such as 'consonant virama
consonant' occurs, and there is no predefined conjunct formation* in the
font, the first consonant should rendered as a half form. As Bangla does not
posses half forms the consonant should be displayed with a visible virama,
Ta virama consonant (no defined form) is displayed as Ta Virama consonant
Ta virama ZWJ is displayed as Ta Virama

*(In the example 'utsab' (festival), 'ts' is written as khando-ta sa. Here
'khando-ta sa' needs to be considerd as a conjunct form i.e. defined in the


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Hi everyone,

I am a Bangladeshi. Bangladesh is a country to the east of India. Bangla is
our national language. Recently I checked the unicode standard 3.0 and found
that a letter that is frequently used in Bangla is absent from the standard.
It is Bangla letter Khondo-ta. .
Can anyone tell me whether this letter is being considered for inclusion (I
assume that some other might have proposed for its inclusion). If not what
can I do to propose its inclusion.

My second headache is that Bangla should be used in the unicode standard
instead of Bengali. Bengali is misspelled so. Originali all bangali's (in
West bengal and Bangladesh) spell it as Bangla. What can I do to correct the
spelling ?

Thanks every body.

Md Ziaur Rahman

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