Bangla(Bengali) letter Missing

From: Md Ziaur Rahman (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 01:56:34 EDT

Hi everyone,

I am a Bangladeshi. Bangladesh is a country to the east of India. Bangla is our national language. Recently I checked the unicode standard 3.0 and found that a letter that is frequently used in Bangla is absent from the standard. It is Bangla letter Khondo-ta. .
Can anyone tell me whether this letter is being considered for inclusion (I assume that some other might have proposed for its inclusion). If not what can I do to propose its inclusion.

My second headache is that Bangla should be used in the unicode standard instead of Bengali. Bengali is misspelled so. Originali all bangali's (in West bengal and Bangladesh) spell it as Bangla. What can I do to correct the spelling ?

Thanks every body.

Md Ziaur Rahman

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