Re: Bangla(Bengali) letter Missing

Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 10:06:09 EDT

"Md Ziaur Rahman" <> wrote:
> ... found that a letter that is frequently used in Bangla is absent from the
standard. It is Bangla letter Khondo-ta

I believe that this character is a composition of TA (U+09A4) and the
ZERO-WIDTH JOINER, the so-called "half-consonant", as opposed to being a
separate character.

> ... Bangla should be used in the unicode standard instead of Bengali

It probably should. However, historically the script has been called
Bengali in English, and this is how the name was assigned. I can't
remember the policies about script naming, but I believe this is not as
inflexible as other aspects of the standard.


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