RE: Bangla(Bengali) letter Missing

Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 10:31:09 EDT

Brendan Murray wrote:
> "Md Ziaur Rahman" < <> > wrote:
> > ... found that a letter that is frequently used in Bangla is absent >
from the standard. It is Bangla letter Khondo-ta
> I believe that this character is a composition of TA (U+09A4) and the
> ZERO-WIDTH JOINER, the so-called "half-consonant", as opposed to being
> a separate character.
I believe that there should be a virama (halant) before, or in place of, the
1) U+09A4, U+09CD (B. LETTER TA, B. VIRAMA) shows as a "half ta" only
when followed by another consonant.
2) U+09A4, U+09CD, U+200D (B. LETTER TA, B. VIRAMA, Z.W.J.) shows as a
"half ta" even if no consonant follows.
Form 1 is the one normally used; form 2 is a special hack, used when the
glyph has to be shown in isolation (e.g. when writing about the script
_ Marco

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