Re: Bangla(Bengali) letter Missing

From: Abdul Malik (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 18:58:58 EDT

> The difference is only ZWNJ and ZWJ after virama. I think you should try
> guidelines of Unicode 3.0 standards. My opinion follows the guideline.
> all indic languages are derived from sanskreet hence I think the guideline
> for devanagari is not absolutely useless for Bangla.
But Devanagari does not have a khando-ta

Following the guidlines, to form a khando-ta at the end of a word, it will
be nessecery to type Ta virama ZWJ
Don't you think that it would be better not to have to type the ZWJ every
time one needs to form khando ta?

The guidlines for devanagari show these rules:
Ta virama = Ta virama (when final)
Ta virama ZWNJ = Ta virama
Ta virama [...] = conjunct form
Ta virama ZWJ = Devanagari half form of ta (= khando-ta?)

In my opinion it will be much simpler for all, if khondo-to is the normal
for produced when typing 'ta virama'

Also consider the following:
*Khando-ta is not a half form*
The Devanagari half form is the first half of a conjunct (usually the
character with its right stem missing)
Khando-ta is a character in its self, not half a character.
Khando-ta does not have to precede any other character i.e. it can occur
It is often (incorrectly) listed as part of the alphabet.
Half forms do not end words - khando-ta does.



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