Re: Bangla(Bengali) letter Missing

From: Md Ziaur Rahman (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 13:40:26 EDT

> The guidlines for devanagari show these rules:
> Ta virama = Ta virama (when final)
> Ta virama ZWNJ = Ta virama
> Ta virama [...] = conjunct form
> Ta virama ZWJ = Devanagari half form of ta (= khando-ta?)

I also shifted from standard by suggesting that Ta+virama = Khando-Ta(when
final). Maximum times khando-ta need to be rendered so I like that idea of

> In my opinion it will be much simpler for all, if khondo-to is the normal
> for produced when typing 'ta virama'

But this will lead to some ambiguity. Consider the word uttap(Heat) in
bangla. Here we need to use conjunct form of ta with ta. Also consider utpat
(disturbance), where khando-ta representation using only virama will lead to
the confusion whether it will form conjuct ta+pa or form Khando-ta.

So, this must be done using virama as per standard. The simplicity you
prefer lies on the efficient keyboard and software design - that will insert
two unicode character automatically upon typing khando-ta. So, this would
not be much problem in the long run.

> Also consider the following:
> *Khando-ta is not a half form*
> The Devanagari half form is the first half of a conjunct (usually the
> character with its right stem missing)
> Khando-ta is a character in its self, not half a character.
> Khando-ta does not have to precede any other character i.e. it can occur
> isolated
> It is often (incorrectly) listed as part of the alphabet.
> Half forms do not end words - khando-ta does.

I agree that the existing half form of Devanagari is different than that of
Khando-ta. But the difference is only on the rendering - I think. I think
the half form and khando(sect -> half ) was actually same. By the way of
time they have aparted this far. So, if we consider it as half form we will
be loyal to the root.

Last of all, Do you think that we should demand another code for Khando-ta ?
I think we should. It has become a distinct character of Bangla language



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