Re: Unicode has included the Inscriptions of Harappa/Mohenjadaro/Egypt...?

From: Christopher J. Fynn (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 17:17:40 EDT

"Padma kumar .R" <> wrote:

> I am very much interested 2 know about whether the old
inscriptions on
> harappa, mohenjadaro, sumaria, egypt and like things are included in
> unicode list... if so, are there any document of how to use or
> atleast some of the characters... and are there any fonts that
> this.... If you know please let me know it... i am deeply interested
> this area...

For the Harappa Mohenjadaro seal script the Indology list
INDOLOGY@LISTSERV.LIV.AC.UK would be a better place to ask.
In fact there has been quite heated discussion on that list recently
concerning various interpretations of this script.

- Chris

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