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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 17:50:15 EDT

The best I've got so far is:

> Java
> To allow Java applets (and/or programs) to draw Unicode characters in
> the fonts you have available, you will need to hand-edit the
> files that the Java runtime uses. Since you may have
> several Java runtimes installed on your machine (for different
> browsers, development environments, etc), you will need to search for
> all the files containing the letters "". These files
> may also be in .jar files, depending on your configuration.
> Once you have found the files, Sun provides instructions
> []
> on how to edit them to add new fonts. (This may take some patience:
> the description is not exactly straightforward.)

Edward Cherlin wrote:

> At 6:41 AM -0800 7/25/2000, Mark Davis wrote:
> >The issue of how to get Java to display Unicode characters comes up
> >periodically. Since the instructions on how to do it are fairly arcane
> >(hand-editing the files), I'd like to see someone
> >compose a short description to add to the material we have on
> > If there is already
> >a good description in a persistent page, we could just provide a link
> >to it.
> >
> >Any volunteers?
> >
> >Mark
> Since I want to display Unicode in Java, and haven't yet found out
> the gory details, I volunteer to accept all available information,
> figure out what it means, test it on Windows, Mac, and Linux (Red Hat
> and Yellow Dog), and write it up properly. If someone else comes up
> with a complete procedure, I still volunteer to test it, and to edit
> it with illustrations (screen shots, diagrams, and code). I can
> produce multilingual documents in MSWord, FrameMaker, PDF, HTML, and
> TeX.
> Does anybody know whether this process could be reduced to an
> installation utility written in Java?
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