Re: Question regarding bidirectional algorithm

From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 09:34:11 EDT

Markus Scherer recently said:

> > David Tooke wrote:
> > The bidirectional algorithm mentions mirrored glyphs. The reference code handles them by replacing these characters with their mirror image. Is this the preferred method of doing this? If so, is there any where in the Unicode database that correlates the two characters?
> i have proposed such a database file for consideration by the next utc meeting in august. you will find a preliminary version in icu at
> there is an api in icu that provides this data: u_charMirror(). about icu, see

Egyptian hieroglyphs also mirror when going the other way, but I doubt there
will be characters that correspond to the mirrored glyph.


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