RE: That also goes for ichi and hyphen.

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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 02:01:50 EDT

At 7:54 AM -0800 8/2/2000, Ayers, Mike wrote:
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>> That also goes for ichi (the kanji corresponding
> > to our digit 1), and the kanji hyphen.
Hen na namae da na. yunicodo de nan to iu mono ka?

> I don't want
>> those to look alike. You don't want them to either,
>> ne?
> >
> I suspect most fonts would render ichi with brush strokes at the
>right side if possible, and it should also be considerably wider than a
>hyphen. However, in a fixed width block font, you could have troubles.
> Naturally, kanji (hanzi in general) don't like to be rendered in
>ultra-tiny web-font mode - a little extra size goes a long way.
> I suspect this shouldn't be a big issue, though - the Japanese
>aren't terribly fond of hyphens as far as I've seen.

The standard notes that it is not to be confused with the em dash. ^_^

>Perhaps a bigger issue
>is checking your katakana fonts to make sure that 'shi'/'tsu' and 'n'/'so'
>are distinguishable at the size you wish to use. I often have trouble with
>these in typeset text!

And in decorative advertising fonts, too.


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