Re: Off-topic: digraphs and trigraphs

Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 09:26:04 EDT

>Does anyone know of a commonly used or commonly accepted collective
>term for multi-character sequences (e.g. digraphs, trigraphs, etc.)?
>I'm thinking that the word "multigraph" would be appropriate, but I
>don't want to invent my own term if one already exists. (Besides, it
>sounds like an early '80s software package.)

There's your term (in spite of other possible associations). The only other
obvious alternative is "polygraph", but somehow that just doesn't sound
right (can't think why)...

>Along the same lines, would the term "quadrigraph" be appropriate for
>a four-character sequence?

That, or tetragraph?

- Peter

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