Re: is there any way to change already defined character codes?

From: Christopher J. Fynn (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 17:27:50 EDT


I'm sure someone official will give you an official answer, but I know the only
answer you are going to get to your question is NO - there is no way to change
the encoding point of a character (or to change a character name) once it is in
the Unicode or ISO 10646 standards. Allowing changes like this would break
existing implementations of these standards - and of course these standards
would be useless as standards if they were subject to that kind of change.

Proposals to encode new characters in the Unicode and ISO 10646 standards have
to go through a lengthy process of consideration and there is ample opportunity
to submit comments on any proposal during that process. However once characters
are finally assigned code points in the Unicode and ISO 10646 standards that's

May I ask what is the reason these people from the government of Georgia want
to change the codepoints of some Georgian characters? There is probably another
good solution (or solutions) for whatever problem they think would be solved by
changing encoding points.


- Chris

"Sandro Karumidze" <> wrote:

> There are people from the government of Georgia interested in possibility in
> altering Unicode standard it terms of changing codes for some of Georgian
> characters.

> Does this type of things happen in Consortium and if yes under what

> If not can you specify in which rules is it defined that this types of
changes are
> not allowed..

> Thanks in advance for your support,

> Best regards,

> Sandro Karumidze

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