Re: is there any way to change already defined character codes?

From: Sandro Karumidze (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 07:40:05 EDT

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your answer.

> May I ask what is the reason these people from the government of Georgia want
> to change the codepoints of some Georgian characters? There is probably another
> good solution (or solutions) for whatever problem they think would be solved by
> changing encoding points.

The issue is that in Unicode there is a sequence of Georgian caracters different
from what this people think should be.

In modern Georgian there are 33 widely used characters. However before there were
38 characters. In beginning of this century 5 characters were dropped, though still
used in old texts and by language specialists.

In Unicode this 5 characters follow 33. There is a different point of view that
those 5 should be included among the ohters.

This is all the issue - there are no specific implementation difficulties or
problems. The only point is that 5 among the rest 33 is more "correct".

Best regards,

Sandro Karumidze

> Regards
> - Chris
> "Sandro Karumidze" <> wrote:
> > There are people from the government of Georgia interested in possibility in
> > altering Unicode standard it terms of changing codes for some of Georgian
> > characters.
> > Does this type of things happen in Consortium and if yes under what
> circumstances.
> > If not can you specify in which rules is it defined that this types of
> changes are
> > not allowed..
> > Thanks in advance for your support,
> > Best regards,
> > Sandro Karumidze

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