Re: Fonts for I, L, 1

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 13:25:40 EDT wrote:
> I don't need the word "ill" to look like Roman numeral
> three.

That is supposed to be written Ill , since this is a river.
I was told that the tavern there (Auberge de l'Ill) is one
of the better place to eat, by the way.

And yes, it is very difficult to grasp the word Ill when you
see it written for the first time, probably because double ll
as a final are quite rare in French. I never encountered it in
a context where it can be take as Roman 3, but I sympathetise
your concerns. However, it does not look like font designers
do the same.

> This would especially be good for capital pee and capital rho.

Every time I go to Greece, it strikes me that they have been
forced, for the traffic signs:
 1) to use lowercase (uppercase is more standard in Europe)
 2) to distinguish Greek from Latin script with different
  colours, i.e. yellow vs. white
And it does not take me more than a couple of seconds to understand
why... Again, I do not expect font design to solve this problem.

This kind of double meaning is likely to stay with us and probably
to keep increasing.


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