Re: Braille rendering of Unicode [OT 50%]

From: JC Helary (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 19:05:46 EDT

> The background of the question is that current braille software is capable
> of dot-displaying many national text encodings, using the corresponding
> national braille. So I was wondering if anybody is thinking to paste all
> these local conventions together to represent Unicode (presumably, using
> "escape sequences" when the script/language change).
> (Probably it was just a silly question. F8-)

I don't see what is silly in the question ? After all, if unicode allows the
display of multilingual pages on the web where the full contents are
accessible to people who understand all the displayed languages, it is not so
far fetched to imagine that blind people may want to enjoy the ability to
access different languages at the same time thanks to unicode ???? Or am i
missing something ?

i am pretty sure we have braille using members of the list. what do they think
about this ? what are the problems they are facing when they try to display
different languages on a unicode text ?

jc helary

> _ Marco

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