RE: Swiss numerical format [OT]

Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 06:09:01 EDT

Jörg Knappen wrote:
> Are there good (authorative) references on the so called
> swiss numerical format with its peculiar thousand separator?

Why not comparing the locale settings of main operating systems? I think
that at least WinNT, Apple, Linux, and other Unixes are widely represented
on this list.

This is what I see on Windows NT's Swiss (German) locale:

(Notice that the decimal separator seems to be "," for money, but "." for
other numbers.)

Number (e.g. "-123'456'789.00")
        Decimal symbol: .
        No. of digits after decimal: 2
        Digit grouping symbol: '
        No. of digits in group: 3
        Negative sign symbol: -
        Negative number format: -1.1
        Display leading zeros: 0.7 (i.e., yes)
        Measurement system: Metric
        List separator: ;

Currency (e.g. "SFr. -123'456'789,00")
        Currency symbol: "SFr."
        Positive currency format: "SFr. 1.1"
        Negative currency format: "SFr. -1.1"
        Decimal symbol: ","
        No. of digits after decimal: "2"
        Digit grouping symbol: "'"
        No. of digits in group: "3"

Time (e.g. "23.57.46")
        Time style: "" (HH = 24h clock)
        Time separator: "."
        AM symbol: none
        PM symbol: none

Short date: (e.g. "10.08.00")
        Short date style: "dd.MM.yy"
        Date separator: "."

Long date: (e.g. "Donnerstag, 10. August 2000")
        Long date style: "dddd, d. MMMM yyyy"

_ Marco

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