Re: Organizing your CD collection

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 12:37:40 EDT

Robert Lozyniak wrote:
> How do you sort text with some in Roman and some
> in non-Roman alphabets?

I never sort texts, only lists of items (words,
names, titles, whatever).

Depending of the ratios, I see two main solutions:

- if Latin is the most current, _and_ only other Greek-
derived scripts are used, _and_ the intended audience
is proficient enough, I may interspeed the non-Roman
letters as if all the Greek-derived alphabets shared
a common order (so Greek alpha sorts just after Latin a,
Cyrillic ve after Cyrillic be which follows Greek beta
which follows Latin b, Greek xi after the o's and before
the p's, etc.)

- in other cases, I sort the scripts separately.

> Currently, I'm just romanizing
> everything but I don't know if that is that good.

Hmmm. I won't do that. It would take me much too long
to find something that begin with beta at the V section,
while something that begin with mu+pi at the B section...
For Cyrillic, I expect U+0427 to romanize as tcha,
and U+0429 as chtcha, and I am not sure you will (or

Things are different if you actually translitterate,
i.e. if the items are presented in Latin script.

> It is probably bad to kanize digits, because they
> would sort 1, 9, 5, and so on, or some other mixed-up
> order.

It is always a problem to sort the digits, anyway.
Since they are usually ony a few of them, I believe the
best place is the foremost, so the search does not takes
too long. But if they are more than a bunch, that is
pretty always a brain damage.


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