Mac/PC interoperability

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Date: Sat Aug 19 2000 - 12:02:21 EDT


I am in the process of making a font (scholarly use) that should allow seemless
exchangeability of documents between Mac and PC. Thus this font would only contain
those characters that exist in the standard encoding on both platforms (Windows latin
1252-1 and Mac US Roman).

An additional constraint for me is that this solution should work on all machines
that have support for TrueType, since at least here, many students are still using
older machines (e.g. someone I know well has a 2nd hand LCIII, that with some extra
memory cost approx. the same as a low-end PC..). A solution using Unicode is thus out
of the question for the time being.

I have a preliminary version of the fonts ready. It works, but there seems to be an
issue with the conversion of the "currency" character and the character replacing it,
in documents coming from Mac. All other characters are translated correctly, and some
programs also convert that currency character correctly (i.e. from 0xdb on Mac, to 0xa4
on PC), but others (e.g. RagTime5) do not. This happens with Word documents, but also
with RTF files. As far as I have been able to determine, the reverse direction, PC -> Mac
goes without problems.
In addition, Word97 on PC does not perform any of the necessary conversions on Macintosh RTF
at all!

Is there anyone who has experience with this kind of problem in general? What is the
matter with that one specific character? I contacted the RagTime help desk (they were
very kind, even though I only have a demo version), and they suggested me to ask "somebody
at unicode", since their program uses unicode internally.

Many thanks in advance,

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