RE: Half-form of Hindi-consonant which has Nukta

From: Apurva Joshi (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 18:08:45 EDT

Yes, the nukta form of a consonant in Devanagari can have a half form.
Thus: Ka + Nukta + Virama -> Ka_half_with_Nukta

The above resultant is half form of 'Ka + Nukta'.

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Subject: Half-form of Hindi-consonant which has Nukta

Hi any hindi experts,

I have a question about hindi.
Does hindi have the half-form of the case where hindi consonant has the
nukta ?

Ex: inp: Ka + Nukta + Virama + Ma

Would that be the half form of "Ka + Nukta + Virama" ?

Chookij V.

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