Making chinese unicode page

From: Bailly Manoël (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 06:52:06 EDT

I want to create some pages in japanese and some pages in chinese including datas from databases.
I use JWP / NJSTAR / IME / WORD 2000 / ACCESS 2000 / SQL Server 7.0 on a windows NT 4.0 station

Should I use utf-8 chart-set ?
How can I generate and insert utf-8 characters in a static html page ? (I cannot do it with cut and paste with unicode text in the clipboard)
My usual html editor don't support unicode, which editor should I use ?
How can I manage chinese and japanese datas in the databases ?
How can I be sure to correctly insert datas in my database ?

I'm a big fan of unicode, and I read carefully a lot of mail that seems interresting to me in the mailing list, but I don't understand all yet... ^_^;;
THANKS a lot for your help !


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