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Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 12:08:38 EDT


You have several issues to tackle here:

1. If you intend to store Chinese and Japanese in the same SQL Server
database, you will need to use Unicode. SQL Server supports Unicode via
the UCS-2 encoding. Change your text fields to NCHAR or NVARCHAR to use
this encoding (Depending on which database driver you use, you may need
to change some settings there too)

2. You will probably have to create your web pages and do other operations
using a character set other than UTF-8, although you may wish to deliver
the pages in UTF-8. I would suggect that you use the native encoding for
Windows NT (which is UCS-2) to create your pages. Word 2000 and, I
believe, NJStar will read and write UCS-2.

Then, when you're ready to publish the pages, you can convert them to
UTF-8 using, for example, the NativeToAscii converter from the JDK. Be
sure your META tag in the file says charset=utf-8!

Do NOT send UCS-2 files over the web. You'll be disappointed with the

If you do not mix Japanese and Chinese in a single page, you can also use
native encodings (Big-5, GB, Shift-JIS, EUC, what have you) to encode the
resulting pages and you will be able to edit the pages directly using any
of your existing software. I suspect from your request that this isn't
what you have in mind, though.

I hope this helps.

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, [utf-8] Bailly Manoël wrote:

> I want to create some pages in japanese and some pages in chinese including datas from databases.
> I use JWP / NJSTAR / IME / WORD 2000 / ACCESS 2000 / SQL Server 7.0 on a windows NT 4.0 station
> Should I use utf-8 chart-set ?
> How can I generate and insert utf-8 characters in a static html page ? (I cannot do it with cut and paste with unicode text in the clipboard)
> My usual html editor don't support unicode, which editor should I use ?
> How can I manage chinese and japanese datas in the databases ?
> How can I be sure to correctly insert datas in my database ?
> I'm a big fan of unicode, and I read carefully a lot of mail that seems interresting to me in the mailing list, but I don't understand all yet... ^_^;;
> THANKS a lot for your help !
> Manoël,

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