From: Chookij Vanatham (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 17:20:02 EDT

Hi Hindi-experts again,

Just want to know if usaully, only one nukta applied to only one consonant
in the consonant cluster, Right ?
and it can be one consonant of any consonants in the cluster, right ?

Ex 1: Ka + Nukta + Virama + Ta --> 1 syllable

Ex 2: Ka + Nukta + Virama + Ta + Nukta

         This one, the Nukta applied to "Ta" wouldn't be considered
         being applied to Ta because there is "Nukta" applied to Ka already.
         Right ?
Ex 3: Ka + Nukta + Virama + Ta + Nukta + Virama + Sa

         This one, the Nukta applied to "Ta" with "Virama + Sa"
         wouldn't be considered as part of syllable "Ka + Nukta + Virama + Ta".
         Is this correct ?
It looks like only ONE nukta applied to ONLY one consonant in the cluster.
Similar to Only one dependent vowel applied to the consonant cluster
or only ONE candra or ONE bindu applied to each syllable.

Chookij V.

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