Re: Hindi vowel I (U+093F)

From: Abdul Malik (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 01:17:35 EDT

Chookij Vanatham wrote:

> Hi,
> Are there any rules defined how far/long the upper curve of the hindi
vowel I (U+093F)
> would be when it's combined with the consonant cluster ?

There are no rules as far as Unicode goes, only typographic rules decided by
the font designer.

There would be a single ‘vowel sign I’ in the font assigned to U+093F.This
would be the default Vowel sign to be displayed by a non-Indic-wise
application. The default vowel sign will probably be designed to either fit
over the ‘dotted circle’ (U+25CC), or more likely to fit in with common
average size characters such as ga, ca, ja, ta, na etc.

> As far as I notice, the hindi consonant would have either "middle vertical
> or "right vertical stroke" and when they are formed the consonant cluster,
they are
> tended to keep only either "middle" or "right" stroke of the last
consonant in the
> cluster.
> My point is if it's always true that the upper curve of the hindi vowel I
> should be reached to either "middle" or "right" stroke. If this is
correct, then
> the lenght of the upper curve of the hindi vowel I (U+093F) would be
> and depending on how many consonants combined in the cluster.

Yes you are correct. It is expected that in a good quality Devanagari font,
at least 5 forms of Vowel sing I will be included. These extra forms would
then substitute the default form depending upon context. However there are
no rules saying that any font need have more than the single 'default' vowel
> Chookij V.



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