[off topic] Identifying languages

From: Patrick Andries (pandries@iti.qc.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 12:48:39 EDT

I have an old banknote from Austria-Hungary. I believe it to be an
interesting multilingual document. (See
http://hapax.iquebec.com/hapax/images/autriche-hongrie-vignette.jpg .)

Next to German, eight other languages mention the value of the banknote.
There is no trace of Hungarian, which is interesting. Did Transleithania end
Cisleithania have different banknotes? The red overprint mentions
Deutschösterreich, when was this added ? After 1919 ? If prior, is it the
same as Cisleithania ?

What are the eight languages mentioned ? At this stage, I have the
following possibilities :

left 1 : tisíc = czech or slovak right 1 : tisoc = slovenian
left 2 : tisiac = polish right 2 : hiljada =
left 3 : tisiatch = ukrainian right 3 : hiljada = serbian
left 4 : mille = italian right 4 : una mie =

Is this right ?

I have a similar problem identifying the languages of a Yugoslav banknote.
See last example on the following page with several multilingual banknote
images http://hapax.iquebec.com/hapax/billets-de-banque.htm . Beware, the
page was quickly put together and contains lots of large images. The
Yugoslav banknote mentions 3 (bank's name and city of Belgrad) to 4
languages (value and governor's title), which one are there ?

Many thanks,


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