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One major advantage of Unicode is that it is ONE standard. I don't worry
that Windows US ASCII code page is different from the IBM DOS page which is
different from the Mac code page etc. The overhead and mess of converting
between hundreds of code pages can be far more overhead than Unicode. That
is why W3C is moving to adopting UTF-8 (Unicode) as a the standard. You
must support Unicode what ever else is up to you.

Some characters can be larger in UTF-8 but over all the streams should be
comparable on most traffic. There is also a compressed Unicode format for
larger blocks of data which is much faster.

Moving everything to Unicode will greatly reduce the overhead of conversion
and having to maintain tables and conversion routines.


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Hi friends,
         I would like to have some information from all of you regarding the
utility of unicode in a website.

That is to say that I would like to know if any of you have a website that
uses unicode,how its performance is and other such details.

To be more precise I would specifically like to know the performance of any
website which is working on unicode.(i.e. How unicode enhances or degrades
the performance of a website depending on the data retrieval speed etc.)

I would be very grateful to you people if you could please get back to me on
this one.

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