URLEncode international characters

From: Raghu Kolluru (raghu.kolluru@dig.com)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 16:01:16 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I have an simple servlet which gets the form fields and stores in a sql
server db. Now I am trying to store and retrive international characters
(charset EUC-JP).

The problem I am having here is:
For the first time when I send the characters, java gets it as ascii, It
returns back to the browser (IE 5.5) some junk, now here is the interesting
thing, I append the same characters to the junk and submit it. Now the later
text appears fine in the browser.

I am thinking that first time the browser encodes the text in ascii, then
later it encodes it properly. Is there anyway that I can solve this? Any
help is greatly appreciated.


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