Re: SGML (or XML) Unicode-enabled publishing tools

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 10:45:16 EDT

    Patrick> As an alternative, we are looking into using FrameMaker+SGML
    Patrick> which I believe does not support Unicode nor Arabic. If someone
    Patrick> has some experience using FrameMaker+SGML in a multilingal
    Patrick> set-up, I would love to hear from him. More specifically, whether
    Patrick> proper publishing requires using the corresponding localized
    Patrick> platform (i.e. does one need to be on a Japanese platform to
    Patrick> ensure that Framemaker+SGML publishes Japanese properly) ?

We've been trying this off and on for a few years with FrameMaker. It
requires a lot of programming and version differences often forced us to start
all over again. Overall, Frame is pretty well done and fairly expandable, but
adding even the most crude multilingual support just wasn't very easy.

There were some reports earlier this year that FrameMake is no longer being
actively developed, but it was expected to be available for a couple more
years. It would be very interesting if Frame were to become open source
(hint, hint).
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