RE: CJK combining components (was "Giga Character Set": Nothing b

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 22:37:29 EDT

Marco Cimarosti <> wrote:

> Carl W. Brown:
>> An article in the October 12, 2000 issue of Linux Weekly News
>> <> tries to explain the benefit...

Actually, that quote from Linux Weekly News came from me, not Carl.
(I'm not trying to take credit for the research, just deflecting any
criticism away from Carl.)

David Starner wrote:

> ... Even if you have to work with preexisting Unicode technology,
> you could still make the font using that technology instead of doing
> everything by hand.

I did a double-take at that phrase, "preexisting Unicode technology."
Imagine that, Unicode being considered a legacy technology that one
"has to" work with.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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