RE: Latvian palatalised consonants

Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 02:52:55 EDT

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Lucans, Gunars wrote:

> - - Latvian national standard LVS-8-92-1. This Baltic Rim codepage was
> subsequently registered by Microsoft as cp1257.

The mapping table
identifies the characters under discussion as Unicode characters with
cedilla, e.g.
Ditto for ISO-8859-13, see

This more or less resolves the issue, doesn't it?

> Unfortunately, the term
> chosen for the palatalized consonants was "cedilla". Imants Metra has said:
> "the term 'comma' was rejected so as not to confuse it with the normal
> punctuation mark".

Despite the confusion caused by the name "cedilla", perhaps it was the
least of evils, since the other alternatives would have been
(1) using the name "comma below", (2) renaming U+0326 COMBINING COMMA
BELOW and the corresponding precomposed characters, and (3) the invention
of yet another diacritic and a name for with. And "comma below" isn't a
very suitable name for a diacritic which might appear e.g. _above_ a
character, depending on glyph.

Yucca, or

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