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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 13:51:54 EDT


Speaking of Windows, he might want to try the True Type Font at on Windows 2000. It looks like they are
not using Unicode but some kind of code page, however, True Type fonts are
by definition Unicode encoded. It would be a matter of re-encoding. Maybe
he could contact the people who created the font.

I don't know of a Linux solution. I suspect that the Myanmar Linux market
is smaller so we may have to wait for it to expand.


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Doug Ewell wrote:

> > 1. Standard National Unicode-compliant Character Set
> I guess this phrase is the one that's holding me up. The only truly
> Unicode-compliant character set is Unicode!

However, a subset of Unicode may well meet Myanmar local requirements.

> > My testbed is on Linux, most professionals' preferred OS.
> [...] Please, let's not use this list as a forum
> for OS chauvinism.

I took this statement to refer to "most Myanmar professionals". Is there
in fact a version of Windows localized for Myanmar?

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